Fit Bites

Anti-Inflammatory meal prep company with 100% daily made, homemade meals.

Gluten free - Dairy free - Soy free - Refined Sugar Free

Nutritionist Built, Chef made meals for optimal results and flavor

How to start?

Store phone number: 734-231-9036, text or call

If you choose to shop in store all of the menu items you see here will be available when you arrive! Everything is a fresh grab and go here at Fit Bites. 

1.) Click on "Menu and Individual meals" in the upper right hand tab and view our menu this week. Remember, our menu CHANGES EVERY WEEK (Mondays at 10am)

2.) Choose your meals a la carte, OR, choose a packaged deal from "Packages" in the upper right hand tab.
If you choose a packaged deal you will recieve a variety of meals from our menu that week. 
If you would prefer to select your own meals please shop them a la carte.

3.) Add all of the delicious, healthy and homemade options you would like to your carte and continue to checkout.

4.) Select your delivery date (We deliver on Sundays and Tuesdays via our personal delivery drivers.) 
You do not need to be home for delivery.
Your driver will arrive between 4pm-7:30pm on your selected delivery date.

5.) Follow your meal instructions on each lid, enjoy your fresh made meals, feel better and see results!

"Some people may never know how good their body is designed to feel."

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